Cleaning Rusty Tile Rust stains on tile can be removed with kerosene.

Cleaning Ceramic Tile
  • Before cleaning bathroom tiles, run the shower on hot for five minutes to steam the dirt loose.
  • For stubborn stains, apply a paste of scouring powder and water and let sit for five minutes. Scrub with a nylon scrub pad, rinse and wipe dry.
  • To keep the grout joints on tile countertops clean longer, wash with a solution of 1 to 2 tablespoons chlorine bleach in one quart of water. Dry thoroughly, then apply an acrylic sealer or three coats of lemon oil. Let dry one hour between coats.
  • Remove mildew and make tiles sparkle by sponging with a solution of ammonia and water.
  • Remove soot from fireplace tiles with a mixture of lemon juice and salt, then wash.
Cleaning Plastic Tile
  • If bathroom walls are dull, wash the tiles with a solution of vinegar and water. Polish with a towel.
  • Has a tile come loose? For a quick fix, put a little piece of chewing gum on each corner, use a warm iron to press it back into place.
Cleaning Porcelain Lighter fluid will remove most dark, stubborn stains from porcelain sinks and bathtubs.